Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Stitches out!

Great news! My stitches came out yesterday! I was a little nervous before I went to the surgery to get them removed. Not because of the procedure - after all I've seen a doctor poke her finger through by cut and knuckle-deep into my leg to make sure the muscle was still attached - but because he might decide not to do it.

You see, up until yesterday, it hadn't really healed. Each night when I took the bandage off, there was fresh blood. But luckily there was no fresh blood at 5pm last night which is when my appointment was!

Already, it seems easier to walk. Not sure if it's psychosomatic, whether it's just part of the healing process, or whether it is just slightly easier to walk without the stitches, because it allows my skin to flex more naturally without the four bits of string trying to pull it back.

Anyway, for whatever reason it is, I'm happy, and think there's a good chance I'll be running again by next weekend. I might try to get some light cycling in beforehand just to do at least a small level of cardio...

And the weights are continuing! I've found it really easy to keep it up actually, because it takes so little time. And already it's having an effect - my upper body is lifting back into the shape it should be. There's a concept I remember reading about called 'muscle memory' which says that muscles that have been big/strong before 'remember' that they were big and strong, and therefore respond very well to training. In other words, it's easier to rebuild muscles that have already been built than it is to start afresh.

One of the things I hadn't told you so far is that I used to play American Football. Yes, in the UK! Ok so the standard is not much to write home about, but we had US College division 3 starters in our team who were not obviously better than us... So the standard wasn't too bad. Anyway, because of this it meant that I'd done a lot of weight training and it seems like my muscles are remembering it!!

Anyway, a good day today, all is right with the world. I hope your day is going just as well!