Thursday, 13 September 2007

Running injury getting better!! Starting weights...

Great news!!

TFR's leg is getting better already!! Ok, so there is no way he's going to be able to do the 5k race he was hoping to do this weekend in Battersea, but his range of movement has increased.

He did some research on the internet into calf strain yesterday, and the symptoms described of gastrocnemius strain matched exactly. When he pushes his toes up towards his knee, he gets pain in the middle of his calf, rather than lower down which would probably be soleus strain. For those who don't know, the gastrocnemius and soleus are the two major muscles in the lower leg.

So he now feels better because he understands a little more about what is wrong, and how long it will take to fix - approximately 1-2 weeks before the strain goes away.

TFR has booked an appointment to take the stitches out next Tuesday, so hopefully a week after that he will be able to do some light training on his leg...

In the meantime, however, the TFR has temporarily become TFWT - The Fat Weight Trainer! At the weekend, he had bought some weights from Argos (a UK-based catalogue store) and started using them last night.

Weight training routine (for someone with no weights bench, and unable to use his legs...)

3x15 alternate standing press with dumbells
3x15 concentration biceps curls
3x15 lateral raises
3x15 reverse flies
3x15 front raises
3x15 single arm rows

Whole thing takes about 40 minutes including a rest period. TFR (TFWT) is keeping the weights relatively light for the first set until he gets more warmed up, and then slapping another plate onto either side of the dumbell...

And his wife likes feeling his muscles once he has worked out and his muscles are pumped with blood ;-)