Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Running injury

The Fat Runner feels stupid.

Less than a day after he started The Fat Runner blog, he is injured.

How did it happen?

Well TFR decided he was going to go to Hyde Park for his normal 3 mile run to see how he was progressing before his first 5K race.

Well the good news is that he did it in 29 minutes which is a full minute faster than he has ever done 3 miles!

But now we come to the stupid bit.

Hyde Park gets locked up at night. The Fat Runner thought it was only the minor gates which were locked, as he is sure the Royal Parks website says the park is open until midnight...

But anyway, at 8:50pm, TFR found himself unable to get out of the park. In the end, he decided to climb over a fence - only a short one - but one with spikes on the top. As he dropped to the other side, his shoe got caught between two spikes and pulled the inside of his calf onto one of the spikes...

So, once over the other side, he looks down at his leg and is finding that he's bleeding quite freely.

A quick call to TFR's wife later, he is in the car being taken to the Chelsea and Westminster hospital. By that point thankfully most of the bleeding had stopped, and 2 hours later TFR was hobbling out with 4 stitches in his leg.

Now for the thing which is most annoying... TFR can't run for 3 to 4 weeks!! Aarggghhh!!! So I can't do the 5K next weekend. And I can't even keep training to improve my fitness and reduce my weight... So what am I going to do instead??



I'll let you know tomorrow.

By the way, the picture shows my right shoe with the contents of my leg, after they had run out, down my leg, soaked my sock, and only THEN got onto my shoe...


warriorwoman said...

ooooo I wish I hadn't read this post, now I'm cringing with phantom calf pain.

Pretty bad luck and timing.