About The Fat Runner

I'm a fat runner, aiming to become a better runner and less fat.

When I started this in September 2007, I weighed 98kg, or 216 pounds, or 15 stone 6. I used to weigh as much as 107kg. But now I'm using diet and exercise to bring my weight down and be healthier and fitter.

These are the two pages you should read to quickly get up to speed with what I'm doing to lose weight and get fitter:

  • Losing weight: the weight loss program I'm following, foods I eat, and my progress so far (since mid-August 2009).

  • Getting fit: the fitness program I'm following which incorporates strength training (a lot of which you don't need a gym for) and interval training.

Join me as I begin my quest for improved health - if nothing else, you might laugh at my efforts!!