Friday, 14 September 2007

Rehabilitation continues

TFR feels bad that he started this blog about a fat guy running, and he hasn't been able to talk much about running!

Rehabilitation, however, is continuing, and he has found a great way of reducing the pressure on his calf strain. It is through heel lifts!

He has put a wad of paper into the heel of his show, which lifts the heel relative to the toes, and so reduces the strain on his calf. It also means he is a slight bit taller, which is good when his wife is close to 6 feet tall!

The 5k race he entered for down in Battersea Park is tomorrow. He will be going down there to lend some support to his wife, but will only be able to look on from the sidelines. But given the way the rehabilitation is going, he is hoping to be able to run in just a little over 2 weeks. Hopefully he won't have lost too much conditioning in the time away from running!

His next post will be a report of the run, hopefully with some pictures, and should be some inspiration for those of you who have always thought about doing a race, but never quite plucked up the courage!