Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Not an old Pet Shop Boys song, but TFR's heart rate chart from his run at the weekend. Do you remember me telling you that he thought he had gone off too quickly and that probably caused him to be slower than he was hoping for? Well he's downloaded his heart rate data from his forerunner, and the chart below says it all - most of the time he was above 175bpm, and at the end he got up to 192bpm!! So clearly the 220 minus age formula (for calculating maximum heart rate) does not work for him - it's been some time since he was even near 28 years old...


The Fat Runner said...

Hello Fat Runner. I guess I'm the other fat runner. I, too, have a blog site called Confessions of a Fat Runner.

I saw your blog and thought I'd write you a comment. I understand the trials of being a 200 lb. plus runner.

Hope you are enjoying your running as much as I do. It's the one thing in the day I really look forward to doing.

God bless you and look me up at