Sunday, 4 November 2007

First 5k race! For real this time!

Ok so it was a few weeks later than he said it would be, but yesterday The Fat Runner completed his first Wimbledon Common Time Trial!!

For those of you who haven't been to a Time Trial run before, then let me explain...

Basically, you sign up by the Friday before the Saturday you want to run. Nothing to pay. Turn up ten minutes or so before 9am on the Saturday. No numbers to pin on your tshirt. Run 5k. At the end, pick up a numbered token, and then take the token to someone with a PC near the finish line who will match your name to the token. And that's it.

And the results (and photos!) were on the website by the evening!

I'll post the photo of The Fat Runner later.

His time was 29:40. So a bit slower than he was hoping for, which he put down to starting off too rapidly and allowing his heart rate to get too high too quickly.

More details on this run will follow!


Anonymous said...

well done!