Sunday, 7 October 2007

First Run after injury

I know that The Fat Runner said only a few days ago that he wasn't going to run this weekend, but the temptation was simply too great...

So TFR went out with his wife around his normal Kensington Park run, and took it easy (very easy!) and everything seems to have gone ok!

The wound on his leg didn't open up and there was no obvious tightness or soreness.

So hopefully the injury phase is over, and he will no longer be tagging his posts with 'injury'.

Of course, this will also mean that he has no excuse not to run, so expect lots more updates on his running progress....

So - seeing how he missed out on the London tree-athlon 5k, he needs a new challenge, so he'll be appearing at the Wimbledon Common time trial on Saturday 20th October.

The time trial seems to be a really nice, small, local event - it's 5k, run by enthusiasts, and doesn't cost anything to enter, and because of that is run on paths which are not closed to the public. But it's run every weekend, so TFR is looking forward to doing a few of them before the end of the year.

The only difficulty he sees so far is that it will be after quite a difficult travel schedule. This Wednesday, he's in Amsterdam, then back to London, then on Friday he goes to Germany, back Sunday night. On Monday morning he flies to Philadelphia, and flies back to London overnight on Wednesday night, landing Thursday morning and then transfering at Heathrow onto a flight to Athens, flying back on Friday night... Hopefully he'll find some time to keep running, and the hotels will have some healthy options!

By the way, he was slow today - 34 minutes for a run he normally does in 30...


warriorwoman said...

I hope you enjoy your time trial experience. I've never done the one at Wimbledon Common but I love the one at Bushy Park, and its the first running of the event in Richmond Park this saturday.