Friday, 5 October 2007


So since TFR started this blog, he has lost 2kg, mainly over the last few weeks.

How? Unfortunately, the way most diet books suggest NOT to do it - by restricting meals. In particular, he has been working rather hard and late, quite often meaning that lunch is a snatched sandwich and dinner doesn't always happen. He's yet to see whether the 'starvation mode' is a reality or a myth - there seems to be conflicting advice depending where you look...

But for now, good news.

Also, the injury has finally scabbed over and is no longer leaking. Unbelievably it's taken almost 4 weeks to get to this stage. Even now, though, the scab looks a little frail, so TFR won't be out running this weekend. Next weekend though is going to be the start of something though! And as he is lighter, he's hoping to be able to run even quicker!

But this time, he won't be running around Hyde Park when they close the gates at night...