Thursday, 16 April 2009

Back to running - adaptation

As you may have read in my last post, The Fat Runner has not been doing so well with his new years resolutions to run, bike and go to the gym. He has found many excuses for not keeping up with his resolutions - work, personal commitments etc.

But this week, The Fat Runner has been on vacation and therefore no more excuses not to run.

The word of the week is - adaptation.

Or, in a few more words - "getting used to running again".

I went back through my running log (which I'm keeping to track progress against my new years goals) and I can see that before last weekend, it had been a massive SIX WEEKS since I've run!! Admittedly I've done a few bike rides and the odd trip to the gym. Odd, as in an odd number of times, where that number is less than three.

But being on holiday, all of my excuses are out of the window, and it is also a beautiful place to run - in Sweden in the archipelago.

I'm much slower than I was last year when I was here. The runs I've done this year have averaged out at just over 24 minutes, but I had the same course last year down to 22 mins 40 seconds at my best.

But back to getting used to running again. I've run three times in six days so far (not wanting to injure myself doing too much too soon given the long period off). The morning after the first run was difficult - very sore legs. The morning after the second run was better, and the morning after the third run was fine. I find it amazing how the human body can get used to things so quickly...

I've got another two runs to do before I have to head home to London - here's hoping that my times pick up a bit!