Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Running Again

The Fat Runner is running again!!

As you'll see from the 'Latest Runs' section, he's done a few runs since the latest injury... And while it's clear that there is still some strain there, it doesn't feel like running is causing any more damage.

He's also invested in some additional running kit!

Okay, he hasn't spent much, but it has really helped him keep on running now that the days are much colder in London.

It may sound obvious to most people, but running in a hooded sweatshirt has really helped, and hasn't overheated TFR in the way he worried it would.

He has now also invested in some fleece running gloves and a hat, for when the temperatures are beneath freezing (as they have been for many mornings in London). He has also bought some bright reflective yellow 'snap bands' to make him more visible to cars when he's out running. He has found a relatively low cost source for them, so if you're interested, then let him know (comment on this post) and he'll put in a bulk order.

Well TFR is about to start enjoying his Christmas vacation, get away from work, and hopefully increase his running mileage a little... So watch this space!